Metalsmith -Instructor- Jewlery Artist

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here it is Part 2 Jewelry making and metalsmith hand tools video! From Hammers to Rolling mills!

TOOL TOOLS!  Why so many?  When do you use a planishing hammer?  What's a rolling mill used for?

In this part 2 video You'll get a review of nearly all my tools and what they are used for. You can decide if you need the ones shown and it might help you make good choices when buying tools.  If you want info on where to purchase any thing leave a comment on my you tube link and i'll add them for you!

Friday, November 7, 2014

So you want to learn to make jewelry?

So many of you have been asking me a lot of questions about torch set up and studio tools.  When I was first learning i met so many lovely people who were willing to help me.  So, its only right that I pay it forward and make a few videos to help those who want to learn.  Here is the first one.

You can skip the introduction and go to about 8:11 min into the video if you like! Please share it!
here are links to some of the items I use This video is and introduction to basic metalsmith tools, how to use a   propane only torch set up, smith little oxy propane set up, soldering, pickle use,  tumble polish, rotary tool, and foredom flex shaft.  Part 1 of 2. you can watch it here or click the link to view it on You tube..
Go to the you tube link for  are links to the tools if you would like to purchase them