Metalsmith -Instructor- Jewlery Artist

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A new place for my old rugged cross

I made this cross by hand.. formed the backplate from bronze -soldered on the bezel filled with resin and applied the stamped key hole piece and aged it with patina and looked at, just looked at it - for a very long time About a year in fact!   It needed something fabulous- a big chunky chain- but not blingy, YES YES that's the ticket.  I found these beutiful beads in my stash that I purchased from my very first gem show.  Now they found their place on this beautiful necklace.  They were just made for this big cross :)  Hope it inspires you!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wrapping up the old into the New Year

Wee!  The beginnings of a new necklace and a new life! 

Feeling so blessed to finally be  cancer free! 2014 is certainly a year of NEW beginnings and a fresh start. I am truly loving the freedom to create again. I usually make my pieces from a collaboration of inspiration of items I've made through different seasons of my creative process.  I'll experiment with a new technique and then make several things with it, then add them to my collection of TBC  ( to be continued ).  This is a piece of annealed wire that will progress into a necklace. I felt kind of drawn to it with all the negative space.  I had to leave it like this for a while.
 But not for long!  Dived into my TBC stash collection of mixed media, I found a lovely brass daisy I was holding onto for a few years, some pearls, crystals and this stainless steel stamping I made from Hadar's stainless steel powder and a TCHULA postage stamp imprint… all wrapped up from previous years of learning and collecting- This too will go to the TBC pile and eventually it this will be the focal for beautiful necklace.

Well- heh that didn't take long- finished the chain today.. Once again from  things and links I made on my art journey last year and have now found their place. Hope it inspires you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Adventures in Bronze fired metal clay

So doing some experimenting with different clays. The charms ( stamped coin and heart) were made from fast fire Bronz clay   And was the easiest to Fire but in, wet clay mode it wasn't as easy to work with as Hadars powder Bronze fast fire XT clay.   However Hadars clay is more difficult to fire than fast fire Bronz (from metal clay adventures.)  The thinner rings on here are made from 12g wire. The chunky 6g links toggle and doughnut assembly  are from Hadars powdered clay.  I do love it! I plan on trying Goldie bronze also.