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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bottoms up!

Or "culets up" My latest thing is setting faceted stones upside down.  Hey,  maybe I'll start a new trend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can metals marry?

Why yes!  They can!!!
I'm learning some different methods of marrying layers of metal to make patterns!! 
The one below is called multi-metal lamination.  It's a type of faux married metal.   This is done by cutting strips of silver, brass and copper and melting solder between them.   I put the stack through a rolling mill and slice off layers with my saw, then put the striped slices side by side and solder them until I make it as wide as I need it.   The result is multi stripes of color.

There are Many different ways to do this.  
ganskin has a nice article on it if you care to learn more. sat/Neman/metal-overlay.htm 

or ask me about it and I'll be happy to share more detailed instructions with you :)

Every problem is a chance to learn

I decided to add my multi-metal lamination slices to my hollow formed ring... Well oh boy- did Iearn a lot!

It's a very ambitious endeavor to try to solder a bezel on to a married metal piece.   Every time your piece is reheated the solder may move, leaving gaps between the slices.  

After my ring was joined I added the bezel and got gaps- but someone encouraged me to try and fix it, and I'm glad I I did!   I melted off my bezel in the process, but replaced it with a larger one.  In the end it was a lot of work, but I excelled in all of the troubles!  If only life could be that simple, huh?  

Here's the ring I ended up with:) 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hollow Forms!

More and more I'm moving away form mixed media and falling in love with metal.  I find myself easily bored with everything but metal, and metal clay and enameling,  so these are the mediums I'll be focusing on this year and making some on line classes for many who have been asking.   Yesterday i made this lovely hollow form ring. It's massive and I really love the shape.  I have to let it set aside until i find the inspiration for the front of it :)  Hope it inspires you!