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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art is You, 3 ring circus!

I  spent 4 blissfully art filled days last week  with Richard Salley and Jessica Jordon for their rings 3 ways and bracelet classes. Had a blast, learned a few new things and made some really nice pieces!
First up was the spinner ring:
Next up turquoise ring.. I decided to try a double setting with some pierced hearts in the back..Jessica taught me how to solder a lot of things all at once :) 

And the back side ;
 filling my ring tank, so I chose to make a enameled pendant

Showed a class mate how to torch fire white

But my favorite piece was this awesome balance beam braeclet! The class example was in copper .  I really wanted to do it in sterling and it came out pretty awesome,
 I think! 

But the best part of all is I met some old friends and made some wonderful new friends too! Can't wait to go back for more in April 2015!

Hope I've inspired you!


Molly Kirkpatrick said...

WOW! Your work is really beautiful. I so wished I lived in California so I could learn from you and take some of your classes. I am all the way in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm learning how to solder on my own right now. We have zero classes here, so it's a little tough. I'm using books and youtube at the moment. I just wanted to say thank you, Leslie, for your inspiration! :)

Leslie Villarreal said...

Hi Molly! I really haven't looked at this old blog for a long time! you can find my recent work on my website My free videos are there too and of course on you tube. Keep on smithing girl! HUGS