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Sunday, April 27, 2014

REPRESENT.. yeah go for it.

I needed  a drop dead gorgeous  statement piece to wear  with a black maxi dress to a black tie event. 
After all  I can't just wear some rhinestones..  I MAKE JEWELRY!  I need to wear my own work..uhh don't I?  It's awkward when you meet someone and they ask you, "So,what do you do"?  Umm, "well I make jewelry".  Immediately their eyes take inventory.  First my ears, neck, fingers and wrists..looking to size me up.  See?  So i have to R E P R E S E N T!  

 Hmm.. well I've been looking at the beautiful crown I made from Goldie Bronze Clay for months now trying to decide how to finish it! It's regal enough for the event I'm attending. 

   I love the beautiful look I got from my Goldie bronze pieces but they looked flat and boring.   I cringed at the though of darkening all that pretty gold color.  But, on the other hand, I wasn't feeling the love the crown I made deserved. So whats an artist to do?  I dipped my brush into some Novacan patina an applied it  sparingly to selective crevices of my crown and brass bullet casings :)  The results are, well..quite pleasing and give the crown a much richer appearance.  Combined with the hammered wire shank and beads, yeah  I think this will do nicely.   

Here is the back side view of the bail .. equally as important....

Hope it inspires you :) 

Hope it inspires YOU!

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