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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love complete:)

Happy valentines day!

Every year I struggle to make a valentine piece with hearts and something "red" in it.  In fact I've been through a few vdays and Christmas holidays dragging out my garnets, and ruby beads, only to return them to their closet.
  This year was no exception.  I loved creating the focal a with Goldie Bronze. And when I pulled the metal out of my kiln the patina colors stirred my soul!   Combing over my red gemstones again I knew they needed a friend.  I introduced them to the Carmel and blue of my  faceted fire agates and fell in love.  BINGO-  putting them together like an oil painting with the garnets and rubies, some sterling and etched bullet casings was magical.. Hope they inspire you:)
Here they are fresh out of the kiln..


Melody Pierson said...

I love your stuff because it is FREE…..

Leslie Villarreal said...

well at least the comments are free anyway! HA!