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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wrapping up the old into the New Year

Wee!  The beginnings of a new necklace and a new life! 

Feeling so blessed to finally be  cancer free! 2014 is certainly a year of NEW beginnings and a fresh start. I am truly loving the freedom to create again. I usually make my pieces from a collaboration of inspiration of items I've made through different seasons of my creative process.  I'll experiment with a new technique and then make several things with it, then add them to my collection of TBC  ( to be continued ).  This is a piece of annealed wire that will progress into a necklace. I felt kind of drawn to it with all the negative space.  I had to leave it like this for a while.
 But not for long!  Dived into my TBC stash collection of mixed media, I found a lovely brass daisy I was holding onto for a few years, some pearls, crystals and this stainless steel stamping I made from Hadar's stainless steel powder and a TCHULA postage stamp imprint… all wrapped up from previous years of learning and collecting- This too will go to the TBC pile and eventually it this will be the focal for beautiful necklace.

Well- heh that didn't take long- finished the chain today.. Once again from  things and links I made on my art journey last year and have now found their place. Hope it inspires you!

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