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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you a Believer?

When i was a child I loved a song by Monkees the called I'm a Believer.  Maybe you remember it too, if your my age.  Believing in something is a powerful thing.  Having great faith that someone, or something, such a promise will come to fruition.  As I continue to fight my battle against breast cancer i know that I am a believer in the promise of God's word to deliver me. Psalm 103:3 He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. A few months ago I posted about making a stick bezel and turning it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Well today its day has finally come.  It bonded with resin, and paired with sterling silver and blue lapis and a proclamation of faith.  Hope it inspires you!


Perri said...

"And then I saw your face....."
Thank you for showing yours to us. :-) Hopefully, we can all be believers in something meaningful to us.

Islandgirl said...

Actually written by Neil Diamond. I think believing in ourselves is necessary in order to fufil our hopes and dreams!

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